Coasters - CUSTOM


Any Tumbler design can be put onto a set of 4 coasters - if you want a custom set made with the image of one of our Tumblers, I can do that! 

DIRECTIONS: when you pick the "Custom" Coasters you will need to immediately send me an email with the following information. 


1. your name you used on the order  2. your phone number  3. name of the Tumbler so I can reference that for the image to be sublimated onto the coasters   4. your order number 

Email address: 

Want to have some nice-looking coasters around the house that can also be conversation starters?

Good To Know:

  • Ceramic Coasters set of 4
  • Fragile
  • Cork bottom helps with staying in place

 As each set of Coaster is made individually just for you when you order them, please allow 2 - 5 business days for us to make & ship it to you (or your Coaster enthusiast). Thank You!

**Please note: as each set of Coasters is made individually just for you, there will likely be slight differences.