Sublimation Blanks

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Are you searching for the best sublimation blanks for your drinkware? This is a perfect place to try- out the blanks from my most trusted seller on Alibaba and she has a group on Facebook. Since I specialize in drinkware, I love getting my blank tumblers and glassware directly from her. 

The different blanks that you'll see in shop that you can sublimate on will be tumblers, mugs, glass beer cans, glass tumblers in various sizes, and so much more. 

If you're not sure about jumping in and buying an entire case, you can purchase from me the same products in small quantities. Test before you buy! Please NOTE: you will be paying for shipping on your purchase. I ship using USPS.

The Facebook Group for buying Sublimation Drinkware in bulk is: 

The group is managed by Lylian Wang - She's on Alibaba as well.