Custom Cups by Kim

Customized Tumblers

Here are the options for your "new favorite tumbler"!

We shouldn't be expected to use the same drinkware all the time! You have options, so be creative!

20 Oz & 30 Oz Glossy Tumbler Plastic Straw

This is your basic tumbler that comes with the BPA free plastic sliding lid and BPA free plastic straw.

18 Oz Glossy Tumbler Water Bottle Lid

Here is the custom water bottle just not made out of plastic material for the body, instead it's stainless steel. The lid is BPA-free plastic and the straw attached that goes down into the tumbler is also BPA-free plastic.

12 Oz Glossy Sippy Cup

Are you looking for a smaller tumbler or possibly a sippy cup? I got you! My sippy cups come with two lids so once the kiddo transitions out of using the sippy cup, the tumbler can still be used as just a straight 12 oz tumbler. These look amazing with any design put onto them. You'll get the BPA-free sippy lid plus the plastic sliding lid.

16 Oz Frosted Glass Mason Jar Beer Can Plastic Straw

At this time I only have the 16 Oz available. It's a beautiful frosted glass mason jar with bamboo lid and the BPA free plastic straw. These turn out beautiful!

16 Oz 4 in 1 Stainless Steel Can Cooler

Here is the smaller tumbler at 16 oz and comes with two lids so it can be used for multiple reasons. This is perfect during the summer when you want your canned or bottled beverage to remain cold, just switch to the koozie lid. It doesn't matter what size, this baby can hold 4 sizes with the koozie lid.

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